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Who Is Kingston Finance?

Much More Than Just a Brokerage!

Kingston Finance is a partner to companies seeking financial support to develop and grow their business. Our service essentially falls into two categories – commercial mortgages and business funding – but we go way beyond just operating as a brokerage service. We take a targeted approach in understanding your business and focussing on how to get you the right financial support you need. We provide insights, best practices, and critical assistance in getting you the right finance, with the most competitive products, from reputable lenders.

We take a very personal view of your business.

Led by Kingston Finance Founder Stuart Johnston, we treat each client on their own merits with a very unique set of circumstances. Stuart established Kingston Finance having spent years in the finance industry, witnessing good businesses with great ideas fail due to a lack of understanding and support from the bigger financial institutions. Very often this is simply due to the rigid and formulaic way in which banks review finance applications. It can be a daunting and complex scenario getting it just right and Kingston Finance can help you to make sense of it.

Take Our Free Financial Review

We’ve developed a quick, but essential, free financial review. It takes just a few minutes to complete online and we can start to get a picture of your business’s circumstances. This allows us to understand your needs and respond appropriately.

In Just a Few Minutes We Can Start To Help!

Kingston Finance exists to support SMEs in maximising their business’s financial viability, helping to achieve growth objectives.

When you require funding and finance, obtaining positive responses to financial applications can be challenging for businesses due to the stringent lending criteria imposed by UK financial providers. Lenders prioritise risk assessment, making it essential for businesses to proactively address potential issues and prepare thoroughly for financial submissions.

Our review provides clarity on your issues.

Our comprehensive financial review aims to identify common challenges that businesses encounter, enabling us to guide you in preparing effective strategies for your financial applications. By leveraging the insights and recommendations provided in the review, we can help you to mitigate risks and enhance your prospects of securing future financial support. 

Our online financial review questionnaire serves up valuable feedback on crucial aspects of your business, including revenue, cash flow, expenses, profit, and the robustness of your business plan. Via this assessment, we gain valuable insights into areas of concern and possible improvement, empowering you to optimise your business’s potential to drive success.

This is the beginning of a process with Kingston Finance that enables us to position you favourably in the eyes of UK financial providers, increasing the likelihood of acceptance for financial applications and the finance to boost your business.

What Can We Help You With?

Commercial Mortgages

We can support a wide variety of commercial funding types including property development funding, buy-to-let and more.

Business Funding

Support your business with cashflow options, business loans, invoice finance and motor & equipment leasing.

Home Mortgages

Whether you are just stepping onto the property ladder or remortgaging a property portfolio, we’re happy to help!


We offer a variety of insurance solutions including income protection, critical illness cover and more.

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