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Uncomplicated Free Advice on the Best Factoring Solution for Your Business

New to Factoring? You will be surprised at how effectively a flexible factoring arrangement can assist your cash-flow and working capital problems. 

In essence, a factoring facility draws cash quickly into the business by converting your debtor book into readily available revenue, the security for the advance being the invoice itself.

No matter what the age and size of your business, we can normally provide a workable and cost-effective factoring solution to improve the cash flow into your business at rates often far better than overdraft terms.

Key benefits of a factoring solution include:

  • Up to 85% of the invoice value paid to you on issue.
  • Online process and cash paid into your account same day / next day
  • Facility available to new start business with turnover from just £100K per annum
  • Bad debt insurance can be included if necessary to give additional peace of mind
  • Factoring can be offered to most business types and Industry sectors
  • Reduced finance costs over traditional overdraft facilities
  • Easy to set up and the service can be operational within 7 – 10 working days
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We offer free and unbiased advice and will tailor a Factoring and Invoice Finance solution for clients to meet their exact needs and budget. 

Our level of service is extremely high, which is vital at a time when more and more businesses are finding that they have to look beyond the traditional Bank overdraft to satisfy their increasing cash flow needs. 

We will provide you with a view of the entire market – quickly and efficiently and can implement a Factoring solution without disrupting the running of your business.

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